Expressions by a Boy Named Keaton

My son is very quiet but he can come up with some expressions, actions, sayings, whatever you want to call them and they are a hoot!

So tonight I was getting the kids ready for their bath and I went to find Keaton. I couldn't find him at first but then heard my phone playing a YouTube video in my closet. I opened the door, put something away then as I walked out I said "Keaton, time for a bath." Without missing a beat or even looking up from the phone, he simply closed the closet door and that was it.
Evan and I were told by Keaton's preschool teacher during Parent-Teacher conferences that he likes to lay on the floor when he doesn't want to do something. We already knew this but didn't realize it was a distraction in class. So she told us, one day he was laying on the bathroom floor when another little boy came into the bathroom and laid down next to him. She told the boys to get off the floor but decided to not bring attention to what was going on and walked outside the bathroom. Then she heard Keaton say "whew, that was a close one." Evan and I started laughing but we don't think his teacher found it to be as funny as we did...oops!