Gracie, like most kids can come up with some pretty funny sayings, so thought I could share them.
Gracie: Mommy, can I have some more Normans?
Me: What?!?
Gracie: Normans?
Me: Oh, you mean almonds! HAHA
Gracie: Can I hug Chewcabra?
Me: You mean Chewbacca..yes of course!
Gracie: It's in my eye!!
Me: What's in your eye
Gracie: HANISIZER!!!
Me: What...oh Hand Sanitizer.
Me: Wow, Gracie you need your ears cleaned, you've got potatoes in there. And Keaton you have cheese in your ears.
(Later that night)
Me: Who wants their ears cleaned first, potatoes or cheese?
Gracie: Me...Potatoes!
Gracie: Mm, I drank my magic potion, ribbitt, ribbitt.
Me: Please tell me you did NOT just drink toilet water.
Gracie: But it's my potion.
Me: I don't care, that's poo water!
Gracie: What's poo?
Me: Oh don't even go there!
Gracie: Mommy, I like this song, what's it called?
Me: "Paparazzi"
Gracie: Yeah, I like this song, "Bubble Roxie"